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just dont give a fuck [20 May 2002|07:13pm]
im so confused
and its all weird

my pet uterus hurts

so im carring a hottie with me

and now mother demands i leave earlier

i feel like crying
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[19 May 2002|05:00pm]
fuckL off daVidE
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[19 May 2002|04:30pm]
cRaZY drill

so much fun was had and all the love felt

ohh la la
i am so confused
and i still havent heard russel talk
i danced the night away
i didnt get to do my courtney place missions
i got rough and rawkuss with hami... fun
sorry if i injured you
i am as graceful as a swan
i do not want to root horror story
i fear for jennie
i love the birthday party
i want rain
i snogged davide
i am not a skank whore
i want kittens
i talked to katy
i love sophie
i got told off
i wasnt allowed in
i cant wait for something
i made lots of pancakes
pony says:
i didnt hear russel talk
pony says:
KNIDS says:
didnt you?
KNIDS says:
i didnt even talk to him
pony says:
KNIDS says:
grrrrrr are you like grrrr fucked man? grrrrrrr
pony says:
grrrrrrrrr................... uh uh uh grrrrrrrrr... yes
KNIDS says:
grrrrrrr i think i grrrrrrrr might be really... *seizure* into you.. hgggg hyah hyah eh?
i like creassault
i drew on the footpath
i drank lots
i am in adrians fan club
i laughed a lot
i hurt my bum
the police found a secret gate
jennie crowd surfed
i want chester
michel will have my kittens
the family is doing well
i got angry
brandon lets me pay him to be my friend
i felt up matt
jennie likes linkin park too
i want a gate
a letter box
and a path
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[16 May 2002|09:21am]
Which Anne Rice Vampire are you?

by Tera
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[15 May 2002|07:35pm]

i was so excited to hear i had a reaction...
"ness" lurves me...
but not as much as hamish does cuz he took it off his site...
anyway this was the reply to my s.l.a.p.p.e.r. comments and i was veRy disappointed at the lame attempt of offence
...and now i neEd to know who she is...
and... how does she know ive got a "14ga. barbell between my square eyes"

who the hell are you???

aND she was logged in as timb...

Well Donkey!!!

I just read what you had to say about me and with a name like "Pony" you just
made yourself look like the arse you are!!!

Rape Tim in the street?!!!

From what "I've heard"...how do you spell C.a.v.e T.r.o.l.l!!!

I would'nt touch you with yours!!!

And as for your !!alTernaTIVE lifestyle!! I dont think you could be anymore

Actually I'll make it a little bit easier for you! (Thicker is not necessarily more

Your mind is as narrow as the 14ga barbell between your square eyes!!!

Who the F@*k are you?

fuck off...
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[14 May 2002|10:20pm]
i just wanted to remind you that i love you
you already know but i like to keep reminding you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you

and no im not talking about anyone in particular just a bunch of *special* friends
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[14 May 2002|10:17pm]
i just saw timb runing down the road
so i hid under my cloak and watched from a corner
he did not recognise me
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[13 May 2002|11:04pm]

what adjective are you?

quiz by maikamariel
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[13 May 2002|10:38pm]

davide checked my e mail and wouldnt let me sit on the chair
we have a very abusive "relationship" [god i hate that word]
*snarls with a twitching bung eye*

and id like to ask the world why i like gay films so much???
and why do i like milk
i am not abnormal

*again the left eye twitches*

pound scares me some times and the whole transgender male to female/female to male pseudo straight orgies that occur...
if youre gay you like the same sex right???
so very hypocritical coming from one who doesnt really see or understand [at all... anything ever] gender or gender prefrence...
and if youre a plus size you should not wear bottomless pvc miniskirts and a g string EVER

bring on the gay bars that play decent music and hold good gigs

maybe thats my cause for living
my goal
my dream and
my aspiration

maybe i just ask for too much???


sleep overs rock
yeah and pyjama parties

im gonna get me some jamies

im gonna shed me some skin get me real real slim
cuz im the slim shady

timb look at the fleshwound site please
i want reaction

i met the lead singer from lunik today her name was darnai and she confused me with her fast intelectual talk...

im not vacant
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[11 May 2002|04:05pm]
well since everyone i know now has a live journal i guess im going to have to start writing in mine all the time

hahaha russel is so funny

yeah for the headles chickens
work was fun last night for the simple minded easily pleased children of indigo... they played rock for us and it was so refreshing
none of that electronic shit for brains D'n'B... phat beats motherfuckerrrrrrrrrrs
i want to drink
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[09 May 2002|04:01pm]
well it seems im more interested in publisising my written transcripts on www.fleshwound.com
discussion board

no jana... my poem wasnt about you

anyway world whoevers listening

im bored i need someone to stalk

this is my story:
attraction and obsession followed by heartache and decay

im such a bogan
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ode to you... yes you [08 May 2002|10:08pm]
no you dont
you dont rock my cock
as a matter of fact
you suck dick
so die little slapper lover
die die die

this poem took hours to compose
it looks deep into the depths of my heart
and heres another
while im on a roll

i love school
so kids if you wanna be kool
stay in skool

yeah skools kool
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[07 May 2002|11:27am]
i just want timb

is that to much to ask?

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[30 Apr 2002|05:33pm]
this is what:

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a toast to tiny tim... [29 Apr 2002|08:44pm]
okay so i figured after having this journal for how ever long they are for:
1. apologising
2. bitching
3. talking about how fucked up you [and/or your friends] get

so with that i say
i am as straight as an arrow
i am not mental... again
im STILL concerned about hamishes son calling me a WIERDO
i missed a secret meeting
im going to switzerland and im still confused as to whether i want to go or not

and yes i was REALLY fucked at atomic...
i love you my ladies: jennie bo bennie, lady amy bug, jana bananarama, suraya, sophie o doom, lady tribal ivy, annalisie bo besie
yup yup yup

i didnt mean to hurt you im sorry that i made you cry...

so yeah

be all recluse like cuz i seem to fuck it up in so many ways
fire it up
once again im sorry
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[29 Apr 2002|08:43pm]
yes i am nOt a mental caramel nut
i am perfectly sane and mostly calm

you love me
and youll look after me
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for my friends... [04 Apr 2002|10:06am]
number one: no one is gay

number two: love and be loved...
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[31 Mar 2002|11:31pm]
like a virgin
touched for the very first time
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[31 Mar 2002|11:27pm]

Which Angelina Are You?
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